CS247: Human-Computer Interaction Design Studio

Milestone 2: Storyboarding and skits


Simplify scheduling: planning events with multiple people

Planning meetups with multiple people is difficult. As we increase the crowdedness of the venue and the number of people involved, communication often breaks down. Person A did not get the memo that C changed the time to an hour later. Person B and D are standing near each other but don't know it. Person E is running terribly late and won't arrive for another half hour. Since these meetups are inherant to our everyday lives - meetups for dinner, meetups for projects, meetups for interviews, and meetups for travel, to name a few examples - and text alone often cannot convey information sufficiently, we want to tackle the issue by using rich media such as photos and videos with location and other data to make scheduling meetups fast, easy, and convenient. We believe that the key behind this is to use text, GPS coordinates, and photos in a chat setting to make finding each other quick and painless, and thus keeping planning neat and concise.

We will perform a skit based on this idea.

Expressing judgment and opinions through visuals

When our friends ask us what we think of their idea, it's often hard to criticize it. When a friend is putting on a dress that doesn't quite fit, it is much easier to say it looks good than "I think that size is a bit small for you." This experiment would involve sending photos or drawings (either user-taken or preset), or even something as simple as colors and gradients, as often words can be unintentionally painful.

Digital mediums for communicating food experiences

Some of the biggest disappointments in restaurant dining happen because the reality of what you order is often very different from or does not match the expectation you created based on the menu. Most restaurant menus are currently comprised of some combination of ingredient listings, item descriptions, and photographs, but it is currently very difficult to accurately capture the full experience of what the dish is actually like. Diners have no way to know about the smell of a dish, the taste or the texture--all important components that make up the experience of eating something. However, diners can see what other people are having. Therefore, we would like to explore the possibility of using pictures to ask or answer questions about a particular restaurant's food.

Other Iterations

Event storyboarding

Event application usage ideas

Food storyboarding

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