CS247: Human-Computer Interaction Design Studio

Exploring Media-Rich Social Communication

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Code Repository

Code for the project is available on GitHub.

Planned milestones and dates

Milestone 1 Team formation and ideating

Due 17 April 2014

We have selected the following three topics to expand upon:

Milestone 1: Photos, documents, and details »

Milestone 2 Storyboarding and skit

Due 24 April 2014

We have decided to reexplore ideas after talking with the professors and TAs

Milestone 2: Photos, documents, and details »

Milestone 3 Wizard-of-Oz testing

Due 1 May 2014

Milestone 3: Description and slidedeck »

Milestone 4 Functional prototype 1

Due 8 May 2014

Milestone 4: Plans, progress, and details »

Milestone 5 User study 1

Writeup: Due 12 May 2014

Milestone 5A: Hypothesis and methodology »

Results Writeup: Due 15 May 2014

Milestone 5B: Hypothesis, methodology, results, and discussion »

Milestone 6 Functional prototype 2

Due 22 May 2014

Milestone 6: Details »

Milestone 7 User study 2

Due 29 May 2014

User consent form

Milestone 8 Final presentation

What does "Tsukihi" mean anyways

"Tsukihi", represented by the characters 月火 in Japanese, literally means moonfire. The actual connection between this name and the project is unknown other than it sounds cool. What if we move beyond cloud storage to moon storage at fire-like speeds? It is a mystery indeed.

Team "Average Height: Short"

Jessica Liu

Jessica Liu Evaluation Lead, Developer

E-mail: jliu12 at stanford dot edu

Alex Wang

Alex Wang Design Lead, Developer

E-mail: awang99 at stanford dot edu

Angela Yeung

Angela Yeung Project Manager, Developer

E-mail: ayyyeung at stanford dot edu

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